Steele: “LIME services remained up”
November 2, 2010
Steele: “LIME services remained up”

Apart from interruptions suffered due to commercial power outages, telecommunications provider LIME said that their services remained up during Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

According to a message on the network’s local Facebook page, once the ‘All Clear’ was given by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) many of the system failures were attended to and returned to service.

The message, signed by LIME’s General Manager Angus Steele, ‘All services were lost beyond the Dry River due to extensive landslides and fallen trees taking with it our cables, that carry the signal to those sites.’

‘Our teams are looking at rectifying this ASAP, but I wish to set expectations that it would take some time.’

‘A hotline was set up for customers to call to report downed lines and heavy cables to assist us with our work and please fell free to call 452-1155 or short code 646.’The calls are free from mobile and fixed lines.