October 15, 2010
Petersville celebrates its 45th anniversary

The students and teachers of the Petersville Primary School were in a celebratory mood on Wednesday, October 6, 2010, as the institution celebrated its 45th anniversary.{{more}}

Petersville, located in the heart of Kingstown Park, was established on October 6, 1965, by then principal Edna Peters. Edna’s daughter Rosalyn Peters, who is now head of the institution, told SEARCHLIGHT that it was her Mother’s love for teaching which led her to open the institution, after she had retired from teaching at the Kingstown Anglican School and as an Infant Headteacher.

“It has been hectic and exciting,” said Peters, describing her experience as Headteacher, having taken over in 1974 when her mother fell ill. Peters related that she never really referred to herself as Headteacher until her mother passed away in 1977.

The school has a staff of fourteen teachers who teach a variety of subjects to the children at the school. SEARCHLIGHT caught up with four of the teachers who spoke about their experience over the years.

Teaching at the institution for 29 years, grade six teachers Elizabeth Kelly and Alvin Veira explained that they both have learnt a lot over the years, especially from the children they have taught.

Describing their teaching experiences as pleasant ones, the teachers said that they will always remember the academic excellence upheld by the school throughout the years. Kelly mentioned the school’s consistent outstanding performance in the Common Entrance Examinations, while Veira lauded the past students who have done well as citizens in the society.

Past student of the Petersville, teacher Cecelia Stephens, has taught at the school for 19 years. She is especially grateful to the institution for instilling in her good morals and values. ‘It was a great pleasure for me to come back here as a teacher to teach the children things I was taught,” she said.

Commenting on the school’s 45th anniversary, Stephens said: “It is a milestone for a private institution.” She further expresses her joy at teaching the grade four class, adding that she has learnt a lot from the children and that they’re fun personalities, who always brighten up her day and make her job interesting.

Also in love with her job, Petra Williams, a grade two teacher at the school, expressed that she believes that she was born to teach. Williams, a teacher at the institution for five years, states that she has a passion for the school because of the children as well as the motivation from Headteacher Rosalyn Peters who always “keeps me on my toes.” She added that Peters always makes sure that the teachers are well prepared for each class and encourages them constantly.

Headteacher Rosalyn Peters shared her excitement on achieving the milestone. “I am quite excited. I never realized that we could see the school live so far,” she said, adding that the school is the longest serving private primary school in the country.

She added that she owes the success of the school to the teachers, adding that both she and the teachers have a good rapport and that they often discuss matters pertaining to the institution together.

Operating under the motto “It’s only hard work that leads on to success,” Peters said that she motivates the teachers and students, giving them incentives to work hard.

Expressing her expectations for the school in the future, Peters said that she hopes the school can go “from strength to strength”. She further highlighted some outstanding past students namely: Carpenter Kipling Williams; Chief Magistrate Sonya Young; Lawyer Michaela Ambrose and Alisa Bess of the Bank of Nova Scotia and all the other outstanding students who have passed through the institution.

The school will have a month of activities to mark the anniversary. Activities include a Barbecue and Open parents’ day, which took place on Wednesday October 6, a Spelling Bee competition, a concert and an educational tour to Grenada.