October 12, 2010
Another young woman called to the bar

The prevalence of women in the profession of law was highlighted recently as another female was called to the bar.{{more}}

Andrea James, the daughter of Carlos and Evelyn James and sister of lawyer Carla James, was called to the bar as a Barrister and Solicitor at the High Court on Friday, October 8, 2010.

In the presence of family, friends and colleagues, James was admitted to the bar after being presented to Justice Frederick Bruce Lyle by Parnell Campbell Q.C., seconded by lawyer Jaundy Martin.

James’ qualifications include a Lower Second class Honours degree in Law from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill and a Legal Education Certificate (LEC) from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad.

Congratulating James on her accomplishments, Martin commented that the legal profession is becoming less gender biased and there has been a trend lately where more women are becoming lawyers.

Also commenting on the prevalence of females in the profession, Justice Bruce Lyle stated that it is not just the case with St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but throughout the world, where several occupations are being “swamped” by women. He questioned, “What is happening to males, what is happening to us?” He added that soon males will “fast become an endangered species.”

He however implored James and other legal practioners, to “take over the legal profession, own the profession,” taking it away from the old ways of practicing law and bringing it back to the honourable profession that it is.

He further advised James not to limit herself, but to advance herself in her profession and to approach her profession with humility.

Remarks were also made by James’ sister Carla, who described James as being persistent. She stated that the completion of her studies is ‘testament to her hardworking nature and proof that with hard work she can succeed.” She also expressed how proud she was of her sister, adding that she will assist her in her career whenever or wherever necessary.

James who thanked God, family and friends for their support, stated that she will take the legal profession seriously adhering to the regulations of the OECS Supreme Court code of ethics.

James will be working with the Phronesis Chambers of which lawyer Jaundy Martin is part. (OS)