September 24, 2010
Cain: Aircraft search called off

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard has officially called off the search for the SVG Air aircraft which went missing on August 5.{{more}}

Commander Brenton Cain, head of the Coast Guard, said that the decision was made on Wednesday, September 22 .

“We have exhausted all possibilities of getting outside help, and there is nothing further we can do with our limited resources,” Cain said.

This latest development comes three weeks after the Coast Guard had indicated that the search was suspended and that the local authorities were seeking the assistance of other entities to join in on the search.

Cain had earlier indicated that the British and Venezuelan authorities were showing an interest. However, he told SEARCHLIGHT that the process was taking too long.

He also said that the Martinique officials had also indicated that they did not have the resources needed to assist.

Cain also said that the decision was made in order to give the family of Suresh Lakhram, the pilot of the missing aircraft, some closure. (DD)