September 14, 2010
Students graduate from Coast Guard programme

One hundred and thirteen teenagers are now graduates of the 17th annual Coast Guard summer programme. The teenagers received certificates for their participation in the three week programme which began on July 26, 2010.{{more}} The closing ceremony took place at the Coast Guard base at Calliaqua on Saturday, September 4 2010.

Chief Petty Officer Vinton John told SEARCHLIGHT that the programme was good this year with no major ups or downs. However, of the 120 persons who signed up, all did not finish the course.

The programme, which has received positive reviews from teenagers and parents over the years, includes the teaching of basic seamanship, tying of knots, navigational skills and swimming. It also covers areas such as etiquette training. The programme is done in one week stints, with a new batch of students enrolling each week.