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Sir James refutes PM’s $5M allegations

Sir James refutes  PM’s $5M allegations

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Former Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell has also refuted allegations made by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves that New Democratic Party’s (NDP) consultants Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) deposited the equivalent of $5M into a local bank.{{more}}

“The funniest part of the whole exercise is that they say the people we hire giving us money; you ever hear you hire somebody to do a job and they turn round and paying you?” Sir James put to the people of Enhams last Friday during a public meeting.

“You ever hear that yet?”

“I mean they really think the people of St Vincent stupid; we fighting to pay the people and them saying the people paying us,” he continued.

According to Sir James, SCL worked for the NDP in 1998.

“One of the reasons why Gonsalves so annoyed with them is because he thought he had the election in 1998, but we beat him and that is really hurting him, because these people really know dey stuff,” Sir James said.

“Look at the beautiful design we had in the Referendum, that hands down thing we had kill them!” he declared, as he explained the reason for hiring foreign consultants.

“It was a simple, simple message. These days, you have to get the message straight to the point and you have to be using modern communications technology to get across the message especially to the young people.”

The use of consultants was nothing unique to the NDP, Sir James explained adding that the current administrations in Britain and Trinidad both used foreign consultants to assist in their individual campaigns.

“Furthermore the consultants, what they are doing advising us, is only a little piece of their business, they have all kinds of other business to do,” he said. (DD)