September 7, 2010
Searchlight worker takes a bride

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, SEARCHLIGHT’s Computer Technician and Paginator, Adrian Shallow tied the knot with Registered Nurse Danelle Stephens in a beautiful ceremony.{{more}}

Shallow and Stephens exchanged wedding vows at the Church of God Worldwide Mission in Redemption Sharpes before Pastor Aldon Bess.

The bride, who resembled a princess, wore a sparkling white dress, adorned with an orange sash around the waist. The crown on her head complimented her beautiful earrings and necklace.

Adrian, clad handsomely in an off white suit, orange shirt and gold tie, exuded much flair as he stood alongside his wife.

The wedding ceremony was witnessed by SEARCHLIGHT staff, family members and close friends. The groomsmen included SEARCHLIGHT’s very own, Distribution Officer, Bertram Pitt, SEARCHLIGHT’s Administrative Manager Teshorne Caine was a bridesmaid.

Kenton Small was the best man, while the Maid of Honour was Sonia Ince.

Following the wedding ceremony, the wedding party journeyed to the Botanic Gardens where a photo shoot was held. This was followed by a reception at NDP headquarters at Murray’s Road.

SEARCHLIGHT congratulates Adrian and Danelle and wishes God’s richest blessings on them.