Pass rates rise at Bishop’s College
September 7, 2010
Pass rates rise at Bishop’s College

The results of this year’s Caribbean Examinations Council CSEC examinations have given the Bishop’s College Kingstown ample reason to smile.{{more}}

This year saw a significant increase in the overall pass rate, with the school attaining 78 per cent, a 12 per cent increase from the 66 per cent obtained in 2009.

The outstanding performers this year were: Lakita John, Solange Marshall, Keleta Cruickshank, Norissa Simon, Lynda Peters and Lizerene Charles.

When the teenagers visited SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, they could hardly control their excitement.

John, who obtained 10 subject passes, said she felt that she could have done better in certain subject areas, but stated that she is still elated and looks forward to continuing her studies at the Community College Division of Arts, Science and General Studies in Law and Business Studies.

Marshall and Charles, the other students who were successful in 10 subjects, expressed similar sentiments as John. Both students said they wanted to perform much better, as they had put a lot of effort into preparing for their exams.

Obtaining nine subjects a piece were Simon and Cruickshank, who admitted that they were very happy with their results and are looking forward to furthering their studies at the Community College. “I was very excited and filled with mixed emotions when I got my results,” said Simon who plans to study Sociology at the Community College.

Lynda Charles, who obtained eight subjects echoed similar sentiments, and stated that she plans on working even harder when the new school term begins. She also thanked her aunt Marilyn Jones & her husband Ulric Jones.

One hundred per cent passes were obtained in eight subject areas. There was a 92 per cent pass rate in English, an increase from 45 per cent last year. This year also saw the school’s students writing Spanish for the first time in 25 years.

Sharing some words of advice, the happy bunch encouraged persons not to give up even if they do not perform well at the exams. They also implored others to put God first and keep following their dreams. The students also thanked their principal Cecilia King and all the other teachers who helped them get ready.

Meanwhile, Principal Cecila King told SEARCHLIGHT a great deal of emphasis was placed on the quality of work. I think all the hard work paid off because we attained a lot of 1s, 2s and distinctions, something we haven’t seen in years,” expressed King.

She added that the school saw the need for an assessment to be done about last year’s performance and came up with a plan to work with the students more. (KW)