August 31, 2010
PM warns Public Servants not to sabotage Government

The Prime Minister has issued a stern warning to public servants who try to “sabotage” the governance of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).{{more}}

Speaking at a political rally in Park Hill last Sunday, August 29, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said that there are some public servants who work against the Government believing that they will face no consequence because it is an election year.

He noted that they also believe that the ULP will not take action against them for fear of losing votes.

“There are some public servants; some of them want to undermine you… to sabotage you!” he said.

To those public servants who would behave in such a manner, Gonsalves admonished: ”They think I’m afraid that by dealing with you you and your family won’t vote for me.”

“The fact that you sabotaged me means you and your family don’t intend to vote for me!” said Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister promised the ULP faithful at the rally that such persons will be dealt with accordingly “even if it’s the day before elections”. (JV)