Meet the new head of the SVG Salvation Army
August 31, 2010
Meet the new head of the SVG Salvation Army

Expect more than food and clothing from Major Pierre Antoine.

The new head of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Salvation Army said that he wants to get out into the community and save souls.{{more}}

Only one week into his new appointment and the Major is eager to get on with his work.

The Major and his wife, Major Persha Antoine and their five-year-old daughter Peta-Gaye, arrived here last Friday August 20, for what he expects to be another blessing.

Now on his fifth appointment, after three in Jamaica and one in Guyana, Antoine likens himself to a cricketer.

“Everywhere I go, I always like to be an all rounder,” said the Haitian born minister. “I would like to be an all rounder in winning souls, bringing people to Christ, and working in the community. I am a community person.”

“I am a friendly person and I love evangelism. The Salvation Army not only sent me to work with people here (at the church), they sent me to work with everybody and I will work with everybody without partiality or discrimination.”

“You will be hearing from us not only where there is a catastrophe or when it is Christmas.” Antoine added.

Touching on the earthquake which struck his homeland in January, the Major said he was affected both as a Haitian and a member of the Salvation Army, which has been providing assistance to the country.

Antoine said he lost family members in the tragedy, and traveled there to provide aid to hundreds of thousands of survivors.

He said that it was a challenge for him to be there but the event should serve as a lesson for all.

“What I saw I could not believe…. We as human beings are nothing…. To see how the trucks carried people as garbage and dumped them; among them you have the rich and the poor.”

“This earthquake was a lesson for us to learn to turn our lives to Christ. People should take this into consideration.”

Antoine indicated that for the next few weeks, he will be meeting with individuals, government and other church officials as well as the business community.

He made an appeal for persons to work along with the Salvation Army, and said he looks forward to getting things done in his new home.

“What I realize already, is that the people here in St. Vincent are very friendly and they are loving people.”

“My expectations are that I believe I will have a great time here.” (JJ)