August 31, 2010
Maloney: Stop dumping garbage on my property!

Richland Park resident Aggie Maloney is fed up of the garbage being dumped on her property and she is even more upset at her neighbours.{{more}}

Maloney, a self-employed woman, brought her dilemma to SEARCHLIGHT last week. She accused her neighbours of throwing garbage and more recently stool wrapped in a plastic bag near to her fence.

Maloney, who claims that she has been residing on the property for eight years, said her fence borders with a five foot road, which the neighbours seem to think is a suitable place for dumping their garbage.

“I am fed up of this… I don’t know why they keep on doing it. If they eat a mango or orange, they throwing it there,” said a frustrated Maloney.

Maloney said she has complained to the Public Health Department on the matter but her neighbours still insist on making her property their dumping site.

The woman said the situation has even reached the point where persons are vandalising her property. Upon her return home last Friday, August 20, Maloney said one of her windows was broken with a stone.

“I am tired of all of this… I even have to clean up the garbage at times and I am not doing it anymore. Something needs to be done about this,” Maloney lamented.