Aunt Jobe’s coming bigger and better
August 31, 2010
Aunt Jobe’s coming bigger and better

Expect more than a supermarket when the new Aunt Jobe’s opens its doors in a few weeks’ time.{{more}}

So says Manager Luke Boyea, who indicated that the Arnos Vale based outlet will be more than just a supermarket, and will feature a variety of other added attractions.

“It has a Digicel store; we’ll be having a Pizza Hut, as well as a third KFC (which will seat 80 patrons).

“We will also have a coffee shop and an ice cream shop. It will be a whole new experience that I think the people are looking forward to,” said Boyea.

Boyea, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT at the launch of the Digicel Supermarket Sweepstakes, in which his companies are partnering with the telecommunications network, said that he expects the new branch to be a successful venture, even though it may take some years before substantial returns could be realized.

He said that he does not expect the new enterprise to take away from the current location at Stoney Ground, which was opened five years ago.

According to Boyea, management has learnt sufficiently in the business to bring the experience garnered over the years into a bigger setting.

As for the opening date, the proprietor said that he has one in mind but needs a few more days before he makes it public.

Until then customers can make full use of the current location for all their shopping needs.