August 27, 2010
A milestone for the MVAA

The Mountain View Academic Academy (MVAA) achieved a milestone in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) this year, when Suenette Scott became the school’s first student to pass 11 subjects.{{more}}

The 17-year-old received grade one passes for Principles of Accounts (A profiles), Mathematics, English Language and Principles of Business. Grade twos were received in Agricultural Science, Information Technology, Office Administration, Social Studies and Human and Social Biology. Grade threes were scored in Geography and Spanish.

Seleisha Corea, another 17-year-old student, also made her school proud. She sat eight subjects and passed all. Corea received grade ones with A profiles for English Language and Principles of Business. She also received a grade one for Principles of Accounts and grade twos for Information Technology, Mathematics, Office Administration and Human and Social Biology. She scored a grade three in Spanish.

Sixteen-year-old Jenique Nedd passed all her eight subjects. She received grade twos for English Language, Social Studies and Information Technology. Grade threes were achieved in the areas of Biology, Caribbean History, Chemistry, Geography and Mathematics.

Dawayne Wilson and Sherryka John also made their school proud by pursuing seven subjects each and passing all.

This year the institution registered an overall pass rate of 75 per cent.

There was an 85 per cent pass rate for English Language, and 100 per cent passes in Agricultural Science, Information Technology and Food and Nutrition (a consistent achievement for the past nine years).

Anthony Ollivierre, the MVAA’s longest serving principal, said it is interesting to note that the students who passed 11 subjects or more came from four schools, namely, the St.Vincent Grammar School, the Girls’ High School, the St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and the Mountain View Adventist Academy.

“We have put ourselves in the big league,” said the elated principal.

Ollivierre, in his 11th year as principal, said given the students that the school receives on a yearly basis, he believes they have done “extremely well”. He also said the physical facilities are not the best, but this is being rectified with the renovation of the school building.

At the moment, the MVAA is building two new science laboratories, a computer laboratory, a library and resource centre, a home economics centre and new staff room facilities.

“I’m satisfied with the performance. The overall performance has improved, the grades have improved, the number of students passing five subjects and more has improved. The number of students passing Mathematics has also improved,” said Ollivierre.

Ollivierre said his school will be seeking to lift the bar in the new academic year.

Last academic year, the MVAA received the best performance award after remediation in the CXC/CSEC-June 2009.(HN)