August 20, 2010
Niku Foster wants his name cleared

Niku Junior Foster wants his name cleared of any involvement in the kidnapping and eventual death of Agassi Fraser which occurred in October last year.{{more}}

The troubled young man alleges that persons in the community of Green Hill, of which he is a resident, have been “scandalizing” his name.

He said although he has a violent past which includes a number of convictions, Foster explained that he has changed and is in no way involved in the killing of his cousin Agassi.

He said that it has been difficult to find work since people have been branding him a murderer and even while walking through Kingstown, people make remarks about him.

“Do not judge me by the tattoos on my skin; do not judge me by my dress code and do not judge me by my past,” Foster told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Judge me by coming and offering me a job and if I am lazy and do not want to work, then judge me that way,” he continued.

“I just want people to stop accusing me wrongfully.”

The man’s younger brother, Odinga Foster, was charged with Agassi’s murder on Friday, August 13. However, Niku says that he and his brother are not close and that he does not know anything about his brother’s lifestyle.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he returned to St Vincent in August of 2009 on three months leave from the cruise line with which he was employed.

And according to Foster, the allegations started shortly after one of his brothers was picked up for questioning.

Foster said when he went to visit his sibling, he, too, was questioned but provided a sound alibi and was subsequently released.

He returned to his job in December last year, but said that the rumours had already reached the ship.

Foster said that he was forced to resign his job due to the constant harassment by fellow employees and because he found it difficult to remain focused.

Upon his return to St. Vincent in March of this year, he said that he was arrested twice, the first time back in July and again last week Wednesday, August 11, but was released on both occasions. (DD)