John: Support  school supplies collection drive
August 20, 2010
John: Support school supplies collection drive

VincyCares, an Internet-based group spearheaded by Kenley “Shortmus” John, is calling on the Vincentian community based in the United States to support a school supplies collection drive it has organized for the Labour Day weekend.{{more}}

The group, whose sole purpose is to give back to less fortunate children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, hopes that this weekend, it can collect donations and school supplies sufficient to fill 50 barrels to send to the children of this country.

To date, the group has 644 members on Facebook. Since its formation in the last quarter of 2009, one barrel of school supplies has been sent to the Sandy Bay Government School. Standard Shippers, a Vincentian owned business, supports the group’s efforts by shipping the barrels free of charge.

A release from John said the group is not set up to accept monetary donations at this time, so they function on the kindness of members and supporters. This Labor Day weekend, a family day and donation event has been planned to take place along Clarendon Road, Brooklyn, New York, in the area of Standard Shippers, to fulfill this drive while bringing Vincentian families together.

Live entertainment and food will be available.

The release said a similar event in response to the Haitian earthquake resulted in the collection of 35 barrels of supplies. The group hopes to achieve more for the children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Members of the Vincentian community based in the United States and artistes from St. Vincent and the Grenadines have already pledged their support, the release said.