Old Windward Highway now permanently closed
August 17, 2010
Old Windward Highway now permanently closed

The International Airport Development Company (IADC) will be closing the old Windward Highway permanently.{{more}}

As a result of this, people who continue to use this road will no longer be able to do so as of Tuesday, August 17.

“That portion of the road which runs through the Argyle International Airport site is being removed to allow for the linking of the first and second kilometers of the site and for the expansion of work in that area,” said Jennifer Richardson, the IADC Communications Officer.

Residents of Mt. Pleasant and Argyle and persons going to Rawacou will instead use the new bypass which has been provided for them, said Richardson.

Also truck operators who continue to use the old Windward Highway will no longer be able to do so, due to the removal of the road.

Richardson advised that trucks will also not be allowed on the new bypass, therefore operators are being asked to use the new Windward Highway.

“Motorists and pedestrians using the new bypass are asked to exercise caution, as the area remains a worksite with large trucks and heavy equipment in operation,” said Richardson.