Taiwanese support Victoria Centre with $1,000 donation
August 13, 2010
Taiwanese support Victoria Centre with $1,000 donation

On July 30, the Ambassador of Republic of China (Taiwan), Leo LEE, attended the closing ceremony of the Children Against Poverty (CAP) Bridging Programme held by the Victoria Centre.{{more}} He met with Esther M. Carr-Weithers-Taylor, head of the Centre, and donated $1000 to support the work of the Centre.

Taylor stated that the Centre has just concluded its first year of operation as the most recently organized Remedial Centre for the academically challenged in the zone stretching from Diamond in the East to Questelles in the West. In the Centre, about seventy students have spent a full academic year in remediation. Fifty of them have been exposed to an additional three weeks in preparation for entry into secondary school in the new term under the theme Learning With Fun-Growing With Care.

Ambassador LEE admired what the Centre has done for the students who need assistance and stressed that the Embassy donated $500 in 2009 to show its support for the Centre. In 2010, the Embassy will continue to support the Centre in order to assist in SVG students’ endeavours.