August 13, 2010
Puerto Rican Coast Guard to assist with Search

Local Coast Guard officials have sought the assistance of their Puerto Rican counterparts as search efforts for the ill fated SVG Air Cessna 402 C aircraft, which disappeared en route to Canouan last Thursday, August 5, continue.{{more}}

Commander Brenton Cain, head of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard, told SEARCHLIGHT that the Trinidadian team which had been assisting with the search since August 6 is making plans to return home.

The Trinidadian team was contacted minutes after the aircraft was reported missing last Thursday, and on Friday arrived with Sonar and remote vehicles to aid in the search efforts.

However, SEARCHLIGHT has been reliably informed that as a result of the limitations of the Trinidadian equipment, the Puerto Rican officials have been contacted to offer further assistance.

Cain also indicated that up to press time no additional debris had been discovered.(DD)