August 13, 2010
First Phase of National Olympic Academy’s Art for Sport Workshop ends

The National Olympic Academy’s Education and Culture Commission completed the first phase of its Art for Sport workshops for Children aged between 8 and 12.{{more}}

The first workshop was a two-day mini-camp, and it was held at St Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown. The workshop lasted for 3 hours each day beginning at 9.00 a.m. and the facilitator was Collette Jones-Chin.

There were eighteen participants: 12 girls and 6 boys.

On the first day, the young children were taught basic drawing using various media; pencil drawing, with emphasis on sports figures and icons, different forms of shading and highlighting, abstract painting.

On the second day, the children were taught different types of painting techniques, the use of color, how to mix colors, and the art of tie-dying.