Courts customer wins Stunning  Appliance promotion
August 13, 2010
Courts customer wins Stunning Appliance promotion

Ten-year customer of Furniture and Appliance store Courts Marina Davis is the final winner of the company’s Stunning Appliances Promotion.{{more}}

Davis, an employee of RBTT, purchased a MABE stove, along with other items, which enabled her to win a voucher worth $800 of free electricity from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services (VINLEC).

The delighted Davis said that it was comforting to know that one of her utility bills will be taken care of for the next five to six months, and thanked Courts for the generousity.

She urged other customers to make Courts their one stop shop for the best in brand and quality appliances.

Marketing Executive of Courts Alexis John expressed his sincere gratitude to customers who took advantage of the promotional campaign, which he said was developed to meet their many customers’ appliance needs, while providing an added value in the form of paying for their electricity.

The promotion came to an end on Thursday, August 12, with four lucky customers winning $800 vouchers.