August 10, 2010
‘I really thought that I was dead’ – Delves:

Biabou resident, Adolph ‘Bash’ Delves, believes that his friend Gregory “Vex” Thomas, who died on Canouan last Thursday evening after a motorcyle accident, had given up hope that he would make it to mainland St.Vincent to get medical attention.{{more}}

Delves, 34, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Monday morning (August 9), is of the opinion that Thomas gave up hope when he found out that the plane that was coming to take them both to mainland St. Vincent had crashed.

Both men were at the airport waiting to be airlifted, but the chartered SVG AIR plane, piloted by Captain Suresh Lakhram never made it.

“I think his spirit was weakened when the plane crashed,” Delves said. “I think he had a feeling he was going to die.”

“The last thing I heard him say is he wanted to see his children before he die. He don’t want to die in Canouan.”

Shortly after they received the news that the plane was missing, Thomas reportedly succumbed to his injuries.

Delves, a mason by profession, was Thomas’ pillion rider when the accident took place.

The Derrick Construction employee, who had taken up a two-day job with Thomas, was being transported to his home just after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon when the accident occured.

“While we were travelling towards Compton Hill, I saw the vehicle coming towards us,” he recalled. “When it reach up on us, it happen to pull over and that is when we collided.”

“I really thought that I was dead. I felt like that was the last time for us,” said Delves.

Earlier that day, Thomas and a man who reportedly was in the vehicle which crashed into them, had an altercation.

Delves said that both he and Thomas were taken to the clinic in Canouan, where they were treated and then taken to the airport to await the ill fated flight.

He recalled that it was some time after 6p.m. when they received word that the plane had crashed.

While Thomas’ body was returned to the Canouan Clinic, Delves was fortunate to get a flight out on Thursday night, thanks to someone who gave up their seat for him.

A father of two boys and a step daughter, Delves said that he was saddened by the death of Thomas, whom he had known for more than 15 years.

He said that he is also hurt to know that the person sent to bring him to the mainland also lost his life.

“Although I am really sad that they are gone, I am glad to be alive. I could have been dead,” said Delves.

Delves said that he is looking forward to returning to work after recovering from the fracture to his right femur.

On Monday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey told the media that the person who allegedly struck Thomas and Delves with his vehicle was still being sought by police.