August 6, 2010
New school for students with reading difficulties

Students faced with reading difficulties now have new HOPE to overcome their problems.{{more}}

A new high school: HOPE ( Hardwork, Optimism, Perseverance and Effort for excellence) Junior High School will cater for students who experience difficulty reading.

Business manager of the school, Johnston Taylor, told SEARCHLIGHT that the school was started after he noticed that many students fail because they are reading below the normal and expected level. He, however, stated that the high school will also offer the basic secondary school subjects.

He added that the students of the school are currently involved in a reading programme, which is facilitated by Canadian education specialist Jim Bourgeois. According to Taylor, Bourgeois has been known for his effectiveness in improving students’ reading levels.

The school will take in no more that 50 students and will only have Forms One, Two and Three. The school is currently registering students. The motto of the school is: “Providing Scaffolding for Higher Achievement”.

Taylor added that the school’s uniform is not completed as yet, but will be completed for the school’s opening on September 6, 2010. The school is located on Murray’s Road opposite the Labour Department. Interested persons can call 495-3870 or 497-4876 or e-mail [email protected]