Blondie Bird to flap wings at Nottinghill Carnival
August 6, 2010
Blondie Bird to flap wings at Nottinghill Carnival

Guinness Y De Lima Hitz 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends are reaching higher heights following their success in Vincy Mas 2010.{{more}}

The band, which won the Mardi Gras Band of Year title for the first time in 17 years, will have its Junior King of Band costume featured at the Nottinghill Carnival in the United Kingdom.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC), Dennis Ambrose, made the announcement during the Vincy Mas 2010 Prize Giving Ceremony on Saturday, July 31.

Ambrose disclosed that the CDC and the SVG Tourism Authority were invited to make a presentation at the Nottinghill Carnival in August.

The Junior King of Band costume, “Wizard of OZ”, which was portrayed by Jelani Niles, will be featured at the event.

Garth Niles of the Blondie Bird Mas camp told SEARCHLIGHT that this is a great achievement for the band. Niles stated that this year was the first time that the band constructed their individual costumes on their own.

The Junior King’s costume was constructed by Niles along with Osborne Browne, another member of the mas camp.

“It’s really good! It’s the first time that we built the costume and to be going to represent the country is a good feeling,” Niles stated. Niles will travel to England to help with the setting up of the costume; he, however, stated that Jelani Niles will not be portraying the costume in England.

According to Ambrose, other components of Vincy Mas 2010 are expected to be featured at the Nottinghill Carnival.

Meanwhile, Niles promised that the band will be going all out to win band of the year next year with their production “Nature’s Fury”.