Sargeant-Questelles releases Dangerous Passion
August 3, 2010
Sargeant-Questelles releases Dangerous Passion

Melissa Sargeant-Questelles has overcome what she refers to as the most challenging task she has faced.{{more}} Now she has moved on to her next challenge.

The recent graduate of the Division of Teacher Education of the SVG Community College has finished her debut novel and is assiduously working towards the next one.

Questelles launched “Dangerous Passions”, a romantic drama, at the UWI centre on Wednesday July 28, 2010.

“The writing of Dangerous Passion was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever faced,” Questelles said, as she addressed a room of family, friends and well wishers. She explained that she had discovered her passion for writing a few years ago as she felt the strong urge to write.

The book, Questelles explained, captures the story of two brothers separated at a young age, after their parents died. One boy was put up for adoption by his grandmother who was unable to provide for them both. The boys grew up, taking up careers in similar fields, one as an Engineering Teacher and the other an Engineering Manager at a resort. They both however are attracted to the same woman. She added that the book is not a fairytale as it has a realistic ending and it teaches about the consequences of infidelity.

Questelles husband, Kenroy, speaking at the book’s launch, explained the many challenges experienced with the writing of the novel. The four-year process entailed sleepless nights, and “toying with ideas for the novel, ensuring that everything fit into place.” He added that his commitment to the writing process was often tested.

Questelles also mentioned that there was lack of funds for editing, publishing and promotion of her novel, as she sought no professional help during the processes. She thanked her parents and brothers who contributed to the completion of the novel. She added that engaging in studies at the Teachers College while working on her novel also added tremendous pressure and further thanked her husband, family and friends for their support.

Also speaking at the event, Head of the UWI Open Campus Dr. Adrian Fraser congratulated Questelles on her novel, adding that it’s content is a real life story that captures the sounds and sights of the Vincentian culture.

“There is a love and passion for writing that comes out of the book,” Fraser said, adding that as a first attempt with no professional assistance, it was well constructed.

Fraser added that writing requires discipline, commitment and love of the craft, characteristics which he has seen in Questelles. He also encouraged others to support Questelles in her writing career. (OS)