July 30, 2010
Smear campaign waged against me – Small

One week after he was sent on leave with immediate effect, Lloyd Small, General Secretary of the Commercial Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (CTAWU), is charging that executive members of the Union have waged a smear campaign against him.{{more}}

He said the issue stems from a Nissan station wagon car that he had sold on behalf of the company in 2001.

Small said even though he had deposited the money into the Union’s account, members of the Union are claiming that he took the money.

He disclosed that Joyette’s Auto Collision Works had valued the vehicle for $11,500 and it was sold for $9,500.

Last Wednesday he told SEARCHLIGHT that CTAWU executive members at the time were interested in purchasing the vehicle, but the highest offer put forward was $5,000.

According to Small, the vehicle was sold on January 19, 2001, and he collected a cheque which was deposited into the CTAWU’s premium savings account no.3986806 at Barclays Bank, now First Caribbean International Bank.

The embattled General Secretary said the money that was received for the purchase of motor vehicle PC805 went towards completing the payment for the loan on that vehicle. The remainder went to a new loan for the purchase of PA900.

He noted that even though he has shown the documents supporting the value, sale, and deposit of the money to a trustee, some executive members as well as members of the general body of the union, continue to smear his character.

“I never took any money for any vehicle. The vehicle was sold and the money paid into the bank,” he stated.

“There is no hanky panky in the sale of the vehicle,” he added.

Small said he brought the matter to the media because he wished to clear the air and his name.

Small has been a a trade unionist since 1980 and a full time employee with the CTAWU since May 1, 2005.

President of the CTAWU, Cheryl Bacchus, was out of state during the week and SEARCHLIGHT was unable to reach Assistant General Secretary, Joseph “Burns” Bonadie, for a comment. (HN)