July 27, 2010
ALBA to award US$15,000 for Drama prize winner

Amateur or professional writers of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) member states are being provided with an opporunity to win a substantial prize in October under the initiative.{{more}}

The first edition of the ALBA Drama Prize 2010 is coming on stream with a single prize worth US$15,000.

Interested amateur or professional writers who are in possession of unpublished theatrical texts are asked to submit their work (a play, novel, story, etc) as soon as possible to be judged.

Besides St.Vincent and the Grenadines other member states of ALBA (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Dominica) will also be participating in the competition.

The Ministry of Culture in association with ALBA, through the ALBA Cultural Fund and the Ministry of the People’s Power for Culture of Venezuela, through the Institute

of Theatre and Musical Arts (IAEM) and the National Theatre Company (CNT) made the official announcement of the competition on Friday, July 23.

Persons are asked to contact the Ministry of Culture at telephone number (451-2180) for further information on rules, regulations, and prize for the winner.