‘I am strong and I am not  giving up!’
July 23, 2010
‘I am strong and I am not giving up!’

Following a recent appeal for financial assistance to help treat a disease that has affected both his kidneys, Trevor Figueira has received donations from several local businesses.{{more}}

On Tuesday, July 20, 2010, the 25-year-old was the recipient of generous donations from Guardsman SVG Ltd., Jamaica Bickle Ltd, KP Marine, Howard’s Marine, and from a silent director at Guardsman.

Figueira, who expressed deep gratitude to his benefactors, said that although his disease has taken its toll, such generosity is encouraging him to go on.

“Going through this has been challenging, but I’m strong. I’m not giving up,” he said.

Figueira received $5,000 from Guardsman; $1,000 from Jamaica Bickle Ltd.; $1,000 each from KP Marine and Howard’s Marine; $2,000 from a silent director at Guardsman, and a $500 personal donation from Guardsman director Keith Howard.

The Edinboro resident sent out a message of hope to those who are also suffering from glomerulonephritis, or any other disease that is affecting their kidney function.

He urged them to keep persevering. “Thank God for life and strength,” Figueira said.

Azalea Lewis, Figueira’s mother, also thanked the family, friends and co-workers who have visited and supported her son. She also thanked the medical team at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital – including Dr Rohan de Shong.

Lewis, who is of Guyanese origin, explained that her son is on daily peritoneal dialysis, and the fluids he requires for that are expensive because they have been purchased overseas.

Guardsman director Keith Howard remarked that Figueira’s ailment is difficult, both financially and physically.

“I’m appealing to everyone in the public to try to assist this young man. He has a bright future ahead of him!” Howard declared.

Donations can be made at the National Commercial Bank: account number 134102. (JV)