July 23, 2010
Diamond Evangelical Church holds Purity Retreat this weekend

A Purity Retreat dubbed “It’s never to Late to be Pure” will be held this weekend for young women of this nation.{{more}}

The event, which is organized by the Diamond Evangelical Church Women’s ministry is the first of what is hoped will become an annual event.

This retreat is geared towards young women aged 13- 25 years and will take place at the Layou Miracle Church retreat centre from Friday Friday, July 23, to July 25, 2010. The registration fee is $15 and will begin at 8:30 am.

The Ministry is aiming to highlight the importance of sexual purity and how to deal with sexually related and other forms of abuse, diseases, relationship choices and spiritually.

Topics that will be touched are: Teenage and unwanted pregnancies: the effects and consequences; Sexual, Physical and verbal Abuse; Pornography; The Male Perspective; The importance of sexual purity; HIV and AIDS and What to look for when choosing a mate.

The Diamond Evangelical Church Women’s ministry expresses its thanks to those business houses that have assisted in one way or the other: C.K.Greaves Supermarket, ECGC,Randy’s Supermarket, Aeropost, The Modern Place among others. Please contact Sheree Dennie Edward at 530-8566 or Shevon Smith at 530-4940 for any further details.