July 16, 2010
Luke Browne tells kids to learn from mistakes

Under the theme “Happy Children – Productive Lives”, the 2010 Vinsave Summer programme was opened at their auditorium {{more}}at Murray’s Road on Monday, July 12.

The youngsters will for six weeks go on field trips, engage in workshops and participate in events which will help them be productive.

Delivering a pep talk to the participants was Rhodes Scholar Luke Browne who encouraged them to be constructive, enjoy what they were learning and be grateful that they were surrounded by teachers who would take them through the process.

The aspiring politician mentioned that Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest men, was recently quoted as saying that he owed his immense success to the “unconditional love” his parents gave him. In wrapping up his pep talk, Browne also reminded the youngsters that they had parents and teachers who loved them despite their misgivings and encouraged them to not dwell but learn from their mistakes.

The Vinsave summer programme will focus on the family, school and community, the environment, aspects of production and industries, culture and a reflection on the activities in which the youngsters have participated. (SG)