July 13, 2010
Buccament Bay coming soon

With the soft opening of the Buccament Bay resort and hotel coming soon, the process of interviewing suitably qualified persons has begun.{{more}}

And based on the information coming from officials at the 5 star luxury hotel, the interview process is going quite well.

Figures coming from the Human Resource (HR) Department at the resort indicate that the screening process has seen a little over 500 applications.

Joerg Roterberg, Vice President of Operations told SEARCHLIGHT that a slow start is anticipated when the hotel officially opens, but the numbers of persons employed will change when further structural developments come about.

“Because that is what we are looking to do, we are looking to give not just the opportunity for employment, but also the chance for personal development.”

He also noted that the application process was tailored to facilitate individual schedules.

This was the reason for having persons submit application forms as opposed to standing in long lines for hours waiting to be interviewed, he said.

“After all, those persons may eventually be hired and we want them to feel comfortable working at a first class resort,” Roterberg further explained.

He spoke of the rigidity of the interview process noting that once qualified applicants have been hired, the focus will then be on training.

This is in keeping with the promise that the Buccament Bay Resort will offer its guests an exceptional experience.

In addition to that, the training will build on the availability of skilled Vincentian labour in the Hotel and Resorts sector, Roterberg said.

Good character is among the obvious prerequisites if applicants want to be considered for a position, and according to the Vice President, experience in the hospitality industry will be an assest.

These are the persons that Roterberg said are among the ones that are best suited.

“Because when you start up a hotel of that magnitude you must have everything perfect,” he said, adding that a more experienced staff makes for a better overall experience for the guests and they in turn can pass on the expertise to new employees at the entry level. (DD)