Thomas Saunders Secondary School celebrates its first fifth form graduation
July 2, 2010
Thomas Saunders Secondary School celebrates its first fifth form graduation

As the Thomas Saunders Secondary School celebrated the historic graduation of its first fifth form, the students were called on to unleash their true potential.{{more}}

The call was made by the inaugural ceremony’s featured speaker Justice Adrian Saunders, at the Kingstown Methodist Church last Thursday, June 24.

Justice Saunders, the son of the educator after whom the institution is named, said that the students, who are on the threshold of adulthood, should uncap the abundance of unique talent and potential that is hidden within each of them, while they continue to nurture their growth and development.

Saunders, a member of the Caribbean Court of Justice, urged the 95 teenage boys and girls to commit themselves to bettering and enabling their communities as they move ahead in life.

He said that as they strive for excellence, they should not live a self absorbed life and be parasitic on the society that sustained them.

“I believe each of us has an obligation to render service to society. You don’t necessarily have to involve yourself in politics in order to do so; membership in a social or cultural club or community organization will suffice.”

The justice called on the students to find pleasure in the things that they do as they make full use of the opportunities that are placed ahead of them.

“Sometimes life presents you a choice, not between what you like and what you don’t like, but between what you dislike and what is available; and when you are faced with that situation you should still take an opportunity.”

Also addressing the first batch of graduates was Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who said that the decision to transform the former Richmond Hill Government School into a secondary school has paid off.

“We met a lot of protests… but this well rounded, healthy, bright, young batch of men and women are the consequences of doing what we considered the right thing.”

“This is what the Education Revolution is all about,” he added.

Those gathered at the church also heard from school principal John Renton who gave the school’s first Principal’s Report, in which he outlined the achievements of the school in its first five years of existence, both academic and extracurricular, its challenges and outlook for the future.

A number of graduating students were recognized for their accomplishments during their tenure at the school; these include the most improved student, Nicholas Lynch; the most school spirited, Shanique Browne; outstanding punctuality and attendance, Sharisse Noel, and most disciplined, Shelly Myers, among others.

The Valedictory award went to Tamaria Stephens, while Lesmon Pope was awarded the Student of the Year Award.