July 2, 2010
CDC head: Czech friend had great passion for SVG

Dennis Ambrose, Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and close friend of one of the victims of the tragedy at Trinity Falls, says he has suffered a great personal loss.{{more}}

According to Ambrose, he and Oldrich Mazurek, one of three Czech nationals who died in Tuesday’s tragedy, were very good friends; a friendship that was formed 10 years ago.

He said Mazurek was a frequent visitor to the shores of St Vincent, making journeys here over the past 15 years.

“He had a love and a great passion for St Vincent,” Ambrose told SEARCHLIGHT.

Mazurek was also the producer of a magazine in his native country which featured aspects of St Vincent and of the nation’s premier festival, Vincy Mas.

“His death is also a great loss to tourism,” Ambrose said, pointing out that on this latest expedition, Mazurek captained a yacht with 8 other persons on board.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke to the CDC chairman on Wednesday morning, he was interacting with and consoling relatives of the deceased visitor.

Ambrose said that he was told that eight persons had left the yacht, which was docked off the Leeward coast at Cumberland.

Accompanied by a tour guide, they set out on a hike to the falls.

However, tragedy struck just as they were about to make their way from the area Ambrose said.

That was when Marie Kroupova went into the water and began having difficulties.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Kroupova’s husband then dove into the water in a desperate effort to offer assistance, when he, too, got into trouble.

Ambrose said that was when his friend got involved and jumped in, in an attempt to rescue the other two victims.

Trinity Falls made headlines back in April 1996 when Josephine Bonadie and Margaret Page, two British nationals, were swept by gushing water to their death.