June 22, 2010
Vincentians being urged to pursue training in IT

In today’s technologically driven society, it is imperative that individuals remain competitive by becoming trained in areas related to the Information and Technology (IT) field.{{more}}

And that is what the National Centre of Technological Innovation Inc (NCTI), formerly the National Institute of Technology (NIT) has been set up to do.

For just over 8 years now, the NCTI has been working to raise the level of information, and communication technology skills among the people of this country.

In 2002, the NIT was established as a statutory body within the Ministry of Telecommunications, Science, Technology and Industry for the creation of a sustainable community based IT training programme, to train Vincentians to obtain marketable vocational skills necessary to acquire employment.

To date, hundreds of persons have been certified in courses ranging from basic introductory to computers to the more advanced courses such as web design.

Persons can also choose to become certified in basic courses such as the International Computer Driving License; Intermediate which include CompTIA A+ certification and QuickBooks and advanced courses such as Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

And certification is internationally recognized.

The challenge now is to get the general public to come to the realization that the tools they require to equip them for the job market of the future are being offered here.

“Whether people like it or not, technology is here to stay,” Marlo Browne, tutor and technician at NCTI told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The sooner they get on it, the better,” he continued, noting that the demand has now shifted that added to the need for academic qualifications, persons also needed to also possess basic computer knowledge.

“In advertisements for jobs, potential employers are going to ask you if you have IT skills,” Browne explained.

“The focus is on training and if you don’t get on to it, you’re going to get left out,” Browne cautioned.

And so the personnel at the IT based training facility are making an appeal to the general public to take advantage of the opportunity that is available to them locally.

Beverly Buchanan, Marketing Officer at NCTI, told SEARCHLIGHT that with the last European Union funded programme having officially ended, persons had the mistaken notion that training was no longer being offered.

Buchanan, however, noted that this was not the case, but as with the former arrangement where the total amount was subsidized, this time around, persons will be required to finance their education.

She said she did not think that cost would hinder persons from coming forward and taking advantage of the training opportunities.

Courses range from EC$608 for the basic to as high as $8,800 for the more advanced courses.

According to Browne, the payment plans are flexible.

“I think if people want the education, they’re going to come,” Browne said.

He urged persons not to focus too much on the money, but rather if persons were looking to get ahead in the IT world, the training from NCTI can provide that.