June 22, 2010
Ezee’s Most Amazing Mom gets makeover

Thelma James’ transformation was so remarkable that her daughter, shocked by her polished appearance, described her look as “strange, but good”.{{more}}

James, the winner of Ezee Radio’s SVG’s Most Amazing Mom competition, was treated to a makeover on Friday, June 11, 2010, at the Barnet Fair Hair Fashions Hair Studio. James was awarded with a variety of prizes at a prize giving ceremony on June 4, 2010. Her prizes include a spa retreat at the Oasis spa, gift vouchers from Coreas and Photomax, and floral arrangements from Floranium Garden Services.

During the makeover, James received a revamped hairstyle, makeup and a manicure and pedicure. After the long day, James told SEARCHLIGHT that the experience was good and that the staff at the hair studio had done a good job.

Her favourite part of the day, she added, was getting her makeup done, something she had not done in a very long time. Her daughters were present during the makeover, and overall were impressed with their mom’s new look, stating that she looked different, but good.

James, a resident of Cane End, Mesopotamia won the competition after daughter Lisa Richardson submitted an essay to Ezee Radio outlining just how amazing her mom was. “She’s a loving person, generous, always willing to help others no matter what,” Richardson told SEARCHLIGHT.

James explained that parenting six children was “rough.” She said she did whatever she had to, in order to provide for her children, adding that she had several occupations such as baby-sitting, washing, and ironing for others.

James related that she was especially dedicated to ensuring her children excelled in their education since she herself did not go to secondary school.

James now feels “glad and overjoyed” to wear the title of SVG’s Most Amazing Mom 2010, and is enjoying her many prizes. The next one she is eagerly looking forward to, is dinner for two at the Beachcombers Hotel.