Alexcia wants to be a scientist
June 18, 2010
Alexcia wants to be a scientist

Alexcia Burgin plans to become a scientist, but her next immediate step will be to enter the first form of the Girls’ High School.{{more}}

Burgin, a pupil of the Belmont Government School, placed fifth overall in the Common Entrance Examination, and during an interview with the SEARCHLIGHT related how pleased she was with her marks.

The daughter of Johnathor and David Burgin received 98% for Mathematics, 92% for English and 91% for General Paper.

Burgin related that she felt excited when she received the news of her scores, adding that she thought she could have done better.

“But I’m still happy with how I did,” she expressed.
Burgin said that studying for the examination was easy and that she was encouraged by her teachers and her parents.

She added that the exam was easy except for the General Paper which was “a bit challenging.” Burgin added that she did not have to sacrifice much as she prepared for her exams, but reduced the amount of television viewing.

Burgin also expressed that her parents were happy about her achievements.

“They told me that I did well and they were happy for me.”