June 11, 2010
Karib Cable brings Digital Television

History was created on Monday June 7, 2010, when cable television, Internet and fixed line service provider, Karib Cable, became the first company in the OECS to launch Digital Television.

The event saw representatives from business houses in and around Kingstown gathered at Flow restaurant to be part of the launch.{{more}}

The $5 million investment will provide 18 new channels to customers in the premium (basic) package, one of which is a new local channel called Faith Broadcasting Network.

This new premium package will cost customers $89.99 up from the original $74.75. Customers are being asked to pick up their new new Digital Boxes at Karib Cable’s office, at Frenches Gate on payment of their bill.

Distrubition of these boxes began last week and will continue until each customer is equipped with their free digital box.

Speaking at the launch, General Manager of Karib Cable, Ian Mulhern, said that Karib Cable is leveraging its investment in approximately 250 kilometres of fibre optic cables to deliver this service across the multi-island state.

According to Mulhern, Digital TV provides improved picture quality, better sound, more TV and radio channels, as well as enhanced information services and high definition TV. “The Digital Box is the start of something

never before seen in the Caribbean… the expandable features of this box are virtually endless. The next evolution of the Digital box will practically allow your TV at home to become a computer connected to the World Wide Web, with the ability to access web sites, download and send email,” Mulhern revealed.

Additionally, a free radio package with a selection of local and satellite radio stations has also been included in the line-up of the premium package .

All optional packages, which include Sports, Family, Movie, International, Entertainment and Adult packages have been expanded, with an increase in the number of channels and new price points set.

The new International package which includes the popular Muslim news channel, Al Jazeera, and the Indian Zee TV have also made their way into the


Once customers collect their free Digital boxes, all other additional boxes will have to be paid for.

Mulhern noted that until the system is fully changed and customers have collected their new boxes, they

will have access to all the chanels for the next two months, except for the adult package.

Founder of Karib Cable, Kelly Glass, in his adress, thanked his staff and Two Way Communications Company of Taiwan for doing a terrific job in making the venture a reality.

Glass noted that they at Karib Kable are always trying to keep abreast of technology, hence the company’s policy to build with the latest technology and equipment.

Addressing the issue of the Spanish commercials which customers have been complaining of, Glass said. “There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We have to have these Spanish inserts for advertisements.” He noted that none of the shows will be in Spanish, only commercials. “On the positive side, subliminally, our children are learning a second language,” Glass chuckled.

With the new initiative, Mayreau will now be included in the Karib Cable network by next week. The new move will see the company achieving 97 percent coverage of the country. The next stop will be in Mustique.

The new service will also see Karib Cable and IKTV working together to bring full coverage of the FIFA World Cup, now underway.

With investments of over $100 million, Karib Cable opened its doors some thirteen years ago and is a leading provider of Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Fixed Line Phone Services to consumer residences and businesses in Antigua, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.