Bobb grabs Psychiatry award
June 11, 2010
Bobb grabs Psychiatry award

An American physician with Vincentian roots has been awarded the American Psychiatric Association/SAMHSA Fellowship.{{more}}

Dr. Vanessa Toney Bobb, a resident in Child and Adolescent Psychiary at Cornell University, also won the Peter Henderson Award of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatry Residency Training (AADPRT) for her paper entitled “High dose olanzapine effectively manages treatment refractory schizophrenia in an adolescent with a history of clozapine induced cardiomyopathy.”

The award was presented at the American Psychiatric Association in May 2010.

Dr. Bobb, who, in addition to being a medical doctor, also holds a PhD, was born in New York City and is the daughter of Joyce and Joel Toney, both Vincentians.

Dr. Bobb has won many other awards for her scholastic achievement and community service. She is an athlete and is active politically, having worked for the Obama Campaign for America.

She is married to Julian Bobb, and and has one daughter, Janelle.