A dream come through for KGS
June 4, 2010
A dream come through for KGS

The dream of having a Cub Scout Pack at Kingstown Government School has now become a reality.

Inola Charles, Headteacher of the school, said the idea of having a Cub Scout Pack at the school came about after the realization that there was no group to engage the boys of the school.{{more}}

Charles, speaking at the investiture ceremony last Thursday, May 27, said that need for the pack came home to her when she discovered a few of the male students of the school would frequently attend Brownie Guide meetings; that all-girls organization had already been established at the school.

“Today we have seen a dream come true,” she declared.

The headteacher said that she became motivated after she saw the boys engaged in craft making and the idea of establishing a Scout movement was born.

And so the process began earlier this year with initial discussions taking place between the Headteacher and the Deputy Commissioner of the Scout Association of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Frederick Forbes.

“We discussed, we planned and we are here today.”

“This afternoon we are very proud,” Charles said, as twelve students were invested into the inaugural Kingstown Government School’s Cub Scout Pack.

Now that the foundation has been laid, the work of sustaining the organization rests in the hands of those who are now members of the KGS Cub Scout Pack, said Charles.

“We wish to encourage you to do well and to maintain a high level of self esteem,” she said.

Deak Cupid, Chief Commissioner of the SVG Scouts Association, also made similar comments, adding that the movement was one that helped its members to develop, including the development of the mind.

“A lot of it also deals with discipline, not just manners and behavior, but the way you dress,” Cupid said.

“We are hoping that as they get older that you will learn skills to help them later on in life.”(DD)