May 28, 2010
Voters’ list is flawed, says Eustace

The countdown is on until this country’s next general elections are called.

Until that day, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace is urging the people of this country to be vigilant.{{more}}

“We have to keep our eyes open,” Eustace said to the large crowd of supporters who turned up at the Greiggs playing field last Sunday, May 23.

He was at the time addressing the large crowd which turned up at the Greiggs playing field on Sunday, May 23, for a meeting of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

According to the Opposition Leader, the New Democratic Party has received information that two Cuban nationals had successfully registered to vote here.

He noted that the names had since been removed; however, Eustace maintained that this was evidence that the voters list was flawed.

“There is a late registration period after the election is announced – but it comes at a busy time, right in the middle of campaigning.”

“That is when things do happen,” Eustace contended.

Come June 25, 2010, Eustace said that his party will be submitting a list of persons from all the existing constituencies who are dead, or who have migrated for some time to the Electoral office.

“Because there have been times when dead people have voted and we have to get this straightened out,” the Opposition Leader charged.

However, Deputy Supervisor of Elections Gwendolyn Burgin said that with the way the electoral process is structured, it is impossible for persons to falsify information on Election Day.

According to Burgin, people cannot just go into a polling station and make a claim.

“When persons go to vote, they must provide proper identification. If they do not have any, then the polling cards are looked at and the name, number and photo are matched,” Burgin told SEARCHLIGHT.

“So persons can’t go into a polling station and say I am John Jones and then the agents look for a name and give them a ballot – they must have a photo I.D. or if not, they must use our photo I.D.”(DD)