May 28, 2010
Vincentian student graduates Valedictorian with perfect GPA

Vincentian student Sharmaine Shallow has graduated Valedictorian from St. George’s University Grenada, School of Arts and Sciences (SGU, SAS), with an outstanding 4.0 GPA.{{more}}

Sharmaine, daughter of Denise Hamblett and the late Kensus Shallow of Golden Vale, is proud to be the first Vincentian Valedictorian from SAS and now the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, with a Marine Biology specialization.

Sharmaine who attended the Calliaqua Anglican School, the Girls’ High School, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, and later taught at the Bishop’s College Kingstown, says that this achievement, which was her goal from the very beginning, came with hard work, courage and determination over the years.

Knowing the value of a good education and the opportunities that can arise from such, she settled for nothing less than academic excellence. In her valedictory speech on May 15 at the True Blue Campus, Sharmaine spoke of the challenges faced at SGU but also of the pride that comes with the achievement, an achievement worthy of celebration.

The celebration for Sharmaine, however, was bitter sweet. She is saddened that her father, who was always an inspiration, was not able to share her moment, but is comforted knowing that he would have been proud. She thanks her family, especially her mother Denise, her friends in St. Vincent and at SGU, and the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the financial support, without which her education at SGU would not have been possible.

Sharmaine is hoping to have her research undertaken at SGU in publication soon as well as to pursue studies in Marine conservation biology at the graduate level.