May 21, 2010
Senator Leacock: I will answer Gonsalves

Opposition Senator St Clair Leacock has made his intentions clear.

He is promising to respond to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ comment that the Treasury is running away from him (Leacock).{{more}}

“One night on the political platform, I will ask the Opposition Leader to cork his ears and I will answer Gonsalves,” Leacock said during a public meeting in the village of Dickey in the Mesopotamia Valley last Sunday, May 16.

Leacock contended that the comment accused him of wanting to manipulate Treasury spending so that constituents could receive personal handouts, a practice he alleged the Prime Minister was already involved in.

He told the small crowd gathered that the Prime Minister had allocated funding in the budget to offer assistance to persons, but that provisions had not been made to give any other member of Dr Gonsalves’ government such a privilege.

“The Treasury running from me, but I will tell him who he running to,” Leacock said, adding that whenever he decides to make the comment, the Prime Minister would not be able to “put him in courts.” (DD)