May 21, 2010
Bureau of Standards joins international community to celebrate World Metrology Day

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards (SVGBS) joined with the rest of the International Community in celebrating World Metrology Day (WMD) on May 20, commemorating the signing of the Metre Convention.{{more}}

This convention was signed on May 20, 1875 and is the treaty that created international organizations to maintain metric standards.

This year WMD is held under the theme, “Metrology: Measurements in Science and Technology…a Bridge to Innovation”.

Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology. Measurement science is not, however, purely the preserve of scientists. It is something of vital importance to us all. The intricate but invisible network of services, suppliers and communications upon which we are all dependent rely on metrology for their efficient and reliable operation.

All forms of physical and chemical measurement affect the quality of the world in which we live. Measurements are made in a variety of places, for many different purposes. From clinical tests in the medical laboratory to weighing scales in the supermarket and the amount of petrol delivered by a pump; from electricity meters to process control instrumentation in the food industry; from frequency spectral analysis in telecommunications to pollution measurements in environmental protection; and from the micrometer in the mechanical workshop to metallurgical analysis equipment in mining laboratories.

The reason for the ever increasing importance of metrology is the turbulence associated with globalization and global trade. It is clear that the best route for any economy to prosper in the global market place is to improve the international competitiveness of its manufacturing industry

The SVGBS as the National Metrology Agency has the legal mandate for Weights and Measures activities in SVG by virtue of the Weights and Measures Act No 16 of 2003. Specifically, the SVGBS carries out the verification and calibration of all weighing and measuring devices used for trade and industry as well as for prepackaged products.