Pan against crime moves to Sandy Bay
May 7, 2010
Pan against crime moves to Sandy Bay

Residents of the northern village of Sandy Bay and surrounding areas were treated to an afternoon of sweet steel pan music on Sunday, May 2, when the Pan Against Crime programme held a concert at the London playing field.{{more}}

Despite the intermittent rain, parents and their children gathered to listen to performances from the South East Steel and Potential Steel Orchestras.

Sharing brief remarks, Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, said that the turnout of persons was one of the biggest since the implementation of the programme some two years ago. “I am really proud of all the parents who have brought out the kids today to be a part of this,” Miller stated.

The Commissioner added that Sandy Bay is one of the communities identified for the establishment of a police youth club under the more structured programme which was recently implemented. He said that since youth organizations such as the 4H and the Boys Scouts have been in a state of dormancy, a conscious effort has been made to fill those gaps. “We have to support every group in SVG which is placing an extra effort in trying to pull young people together,” said Miller.

Miller beseeched the young ones to take their lives seriously and think about taking over initiatives such as the Pan Against Crime programme when they are older.

Meanwhile, feature speaker, area representative and Minister of Agriculture, Montgomery Daniel, also encouraged the young persons to take stock of their lives and help improve St Vincent and the Grenadines. In his address, Daniel stated that the Pan Against Crime is just one of those initiatives taken up by the Government to help prevent crime and violence.

Daniel also lauded the police for making significant strides in helping to place the nation’s youth on the right path. “We have to commend the police for doing an excellent job at keeping the peace,” Daniel said. He also urged the children to strive to constantly improve their education status. “This in itself will help you to have a better way of life,” Daniel noted.

A strong message was also sent out to parents to monitor certain programmes their children view on television and listen on the radio.

Providing entertainment, the Sandy Bay and Overland Government schools performed short poems and songs. However, it was the sound of the rubber beating the steel pan that got the crowd in party mode. The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Band also provided entertainment. (KW)