April 30, 2010
Twenty Loyal Digicel customers get cash rewards

Digicel continues to be a trend-setter in the telecommunications market as their reward programmes and promotions remained structured to benefit their customers.

On Friday, April 23, at Digicel’s Corporate Offices located in the Lewis Building on James Street, twenty persons each received EC$1000, while seven persons will each get EC$1000 for the next seven months.{{more}}

The EC$1000 winners were rewarded as part of Digicel’s Loyalty Programme, while the EC$7000 winners were given the money as part of celebrations that marked the company’s entry into the local market seven years ago on March 24, 2003. The total amount of money given away amounts to some EC$69,000.

One of the EC$1000 winners, Shaba Hercules, said: “I’m really glad for Digicel because just before Digicel came here, I had two kids in England and I used to pay $6.25 per minute, so I’m very thankful that Digicel came here”.

Another EC$1000 winner Osborne Andrews commented: “I feel very fortunate, and it’s the first time I have ever won anything, so I would like to say continue the good work Digicel.” Meanwhile, Brian Alexander, who also won EC$1000, complimented the company: “Without the customers there will be no company, so recognizing the customer in this way is great, and I would like to tell them thanks and that they are doing a good job”.

Receiving EC$1000 every month for the next seven months, Joslyn Stowe said: “I would like to say thanks to Digicel. From the first time since they came in I have been with them until today, and I’m thanking them very much for giving me this money.” Another EC$7000 winner Nyasha Neil said that she will be putting the money to good use. “This is the first time I have won anything”, said Neil.

The other winners of EC$1000 were Michael Samuel, Vinesha McFee, Wendell King, Gregory Miller, Lorene Jones, Carlos Wilson, Antonia Samuel, Grant Greaves, Vaughn Martin, Hayden Charles, Jonathan Palmer, Fitzberth Porter, Ceadel Webb, Karen Barrett, Ivo Carr, Kurt Meier, Brian Alexander and Annette Douglas.

Winning EC$1000 every month for the next seven months are Althea Jackson, Kingsley Duncan, Kenneth Young, Michael Jack and Sobrina Samuel.