April 30, 2010
New Executive for Soroptimists

A new executive is now at the helm of Soroptimist Intenational St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The 11-member executive was elected at the 23rd Annual General Meeting, held last Saturday, April 17, at the Murray Heights Hotel in Richmond Hill.

The executive includes: Christine DaSilva-DeRosa as President, President Elect Euna Thompson, Vice President Hazel Roberts, Immediate Past President Shirla Little, Secretary Saline Barbour, Treasurer Nicola Williams, Programme Action Officer Nelcia Primus, Membership Officer Kathryn Cyrus, Public Relations Officer Anelle Thomas, Committee members: Josie-Anne Small and Idahlia Job.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, DaSilva-DeRosa stated that she’s excited about the task ahead and mentioned that the new executive will be meeting soon to discuss and decide on a key project.

DaSilva-DeRosa also highlighted that emphasis will be placed on the problem of violence against women, but conceded that it would require a combined effort from other organisations. “I think that we are at the point where

we need to start bonding with other groups so we can get something done,” DaSilva-DeRosa.

Soroptmist International is a worldwide organisation that caters to the needs of women through service projects to advance the human rights and status of women.

Featured speaker, Minister of Culture, Hon René Bapiste, also placed emphasis in her speech on violence against women. In her address, Baptiste noted that she is deeply concerned with the exploitation of young girls in St Vincent and the Grenadines and worldwide.

Stating that fruitful efforts have been made on many fronts to assist women and young girls, Baptiste said similar progress has not been made when it comes to dealing with violence against women. “It just simply continues…,” Baptiste lamented.

Baptiste said she is passionate about helping those women/girls who may have fallen through the cracks in the system. “I urge Soroptimist to take up the challenge to work with other state actors to try and pull them back. The challenge is to be proactive and creative, and I am asking my club to stop limiting what we believe we can do,” Baptsiste urged. (KW)