April 30, 2010
LIME donates to needy patient

Twenty-five-year-old Kingstown Park resident Neikeisha Browne is to travel to Barbados to seek medical care, thanks to the generosity of LIME.{{more}}

This country’s leading and only full service telecommunications provider donated $1500 to assist Neikeisha to seek further medical attention because the procedure could not be done in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

As he handed over the cheque, emotion was evident on the face of Angus Steele, Country Manager of LIME.

“It is difficult to help everyone who seeks assistance, but at LIME we have a social conscience, and when people are in need, we usually dig deep to make their lives better. I will like to personally wish Neikeisha a full and speedy recovery.”

Neikeisha, an employee of the Airport Restaurant, was extremely grateful for the assistance, said: “I have been asking other business houses for assistance and so far only LIME came forward. My condition is worsening, and this donation will give me a chance, and that is all I ask for. Thanks to LIME.”

Neikeisha’s operation will be done on June 18, and the entire LIME family wishes her a speedy recovery.