UWI Open Campus continues to evolve
April 23, 2010
UWI Open Campus continues to evolve

UWI Open Campus continues to be a university that caters to the growing number of persons wanting to pursue higher education.{{more}}

With immediate effect for the 2010/2011 period, candidates who submit applications will no longer have to wait to apply during the months of August (Semester 1) and January (Semester 2) as they have now implemented the “Rolling Admissions” policy.

UWI Programme Officer Monica Browne indicated that the new policy no longer confines applicants to timelines, but allows them to submit their applications anytime during the academic year. She noted that the process, which is used by universities worldwide, also gives the administration the chance to review candidates and notify them sooner.

Browne also praised persons for desiring to pursue higher education and emphasized that it was becoming a necessity in today’s world. She urged persons who want to apply to have the required documents and credentials completed so that processing will be uncomplicated.

She, however, mentioned that applicants who will not be processed this semester will be deferred to the next take in period. (SG)