Stop killing Snakes, says Forestry official
April 23, 2010
Stop killing Snakes, says Forestry official

Senior Forestry Supervisor, Fitzgerald Providence, is appealing to persons to desist from killing snakes on the islands.{{more}}

Providence, who was one of the spokespersons at the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme seminar to commemorate Earth Day, addressed the issue of bio-diversity and how it affects the environment.

The seminar was held on April 22 at the Ministry of Health Conference Room.

The wildlife biologist stressed the importance of keeping certain endemic animal species alive to counteract other animals, such as rodents, which were spreading diseases.

Providence mentioned a congo snake which was discovered in the Largo Height community and which was larger than normal because it was eating the rats in that community.

The forestry expert noted that the snake was removed and is now in the forestry division’s care.

He pleaded with persons to desist from killing snakes on the islands because they are not poisonous and advised persons to call the forestry division for assistance if the reptiles are found on their premises.

Also stressing the importance of preserving the natural resources was climate change consultant Otis Joslyn.

Joslyn hammered the fact that green house gases caused by industrialization continue to cause global warming, which is affecting small island states such as St Vincent and the Grenadines. He said the most recent example was the recent drought which caused a water shortage.

The climate change expert also stated that building codes will have to be enforced so that structures will be sturdy enough to withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes which he said will become more intense because sea surface temperatures were increasing.

Public Relations and Marketing Manager of the Central Water and Sewage Authority, Joan Ryan, who was the third speaker at the UNDP sponsored seminar, expressed her disgust with the uncaring attitude persons have towards keeping the environment clean.

Ryan noted that excessive littering by persons was causing the country to look untidy and pointed out that the nation’s schools were some of the dirtiest places. She called on the corporate sector and community groups to adopt a school, to encourage students to be more environmentally conscious.

The United Nations Development Programme, Global Environmental Fund, Small Grants Programme UNDP GEF SGP, is currently operating in 122 countries, and thousands of grants are awarded worldwide. The SGP supports projects of non-governmental and community based organizations in developing countries demonstrating that community-based action can maintain the fine balance between human needs and environmental wants.

Millions of people around the world will celebrate Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, under the theme, “The Green Generation”