April 23, 2010
Son of former NDP minister killed in NY

Olson Roberts, son of former Government Minister Monty Roberts, was shot dead in New York last week Thursday, April 15, 2010.{{more}}

Days after the shooting, it is still unclear why the young man, who was preparing to celebrate his 31st birthday on May 17, was killed.

Olson, also known as Boss Catz, and two other men, were shot at his barber shop on the 19-hundred block of Fulton Street at 1:15 p.m. in the Ocean Hill section of Brooklyn.

Reports reaching SEARCHLIGHT say that Olson lost his life at the hands of a Grenadian man.

It is said that the incident stemmed from an argument between the two.

SEARCHLIGHT was informed that Olson asked the Grenadian not to park his vehicle in front of his (Roberts) business. Roberts’ request, SEARCHLIGHT understands, followed warnings by the police about the parked vehicle.

An argument ensued, then the Grenadian left and returned with a gun, whereupon he opened fire on Olson and two other men.

Olson received a fatal bullet to his chest, while his colleagues were taken to the hospital.

The Grenadian gunman was taken into custody.

On Monday, April 19, Viola Roberts, mother of the deceased, told SEARCHLIGHT she received the shocking news from her last daughter Desiree shortly after Olson was shot.

Trying to remain strong, the grieving mother spoke of her son’s ambition to return home and establish a business. She also spoke of his love for dogs and his friends.

Olson was married, but had no children. He was a former student of the St. Vincent Grammar School.

Monty Roberts, a former Minister under the James Mitchell led New Democratic Party (NDP) administration, left for New York on Monday to make arrangements for Olson’s body to return to St.Vincent and the Grenadines for interment. (HN)