April 23, 2010
ADP launches new website

Persons can now keep track of the work of the Association for People with Disabilities (APD) and the Helping Hands Centre online, as the association has launched its new website.{{more}}

The website was officially launched on Monday April 19, 2010 at the Helping Hands Centre at New Montrose.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, president of the Association Junior Bacchus expressed his pride in the launch of the website. He added that they incurred no costs for the setting up of the website as they were assisted by persons attached to the Association.

Listing the benefits of the website, Bacchus stated that other than connecting the APD with the world, it also allows persons to make donations to the centre and also connects them to the Association’s page on Facebook, where more videos and updates can be viewed.

The website also features information on the staff, the history of the association and how persons can volunteer. The website’s address is (OS)